Vertical Ceramic chicken cooker, stoneware roaster, heart healthy low fat cooking.

The CeramiCooker by Early morning pottery.

US Patent No. 5,575,198 & DES 397,581

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US Patent No. 5,575,198 & DES 397,581

The Chicken Cookers are designed to hold Chickens, Turkeys, and Cornish Hens etc. upright to allow the fat to drain off. Pottery conducts heat and also cooks from the inside sealing in the juices and flavor. Use in conventional oven, covered barbeque grill or smoker.                                                    

 Three sizes. turkey, chicken and Cornish hen. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Lead & cadmium free.
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Chicken Roaster

Chicken Cooker may also be used for duck or
boneless roasts.

Excellent when used in a covered
barbecue grill or smoker.

Helps to reduce cooking time.

Price $10.95 


Color : White or Blue with white markings


Turkey Roaster

Recommend 10-12 lb. Turkey to fit well in 
a standard size oven.

Larger birds may be cooked on the
roaster when used in a smoker or
covered barbecue grill.
Price: $10.95 


Color : White or Blue with white markings


ornish Game Hen Roaster
These are packaged two per box.

Makes an attractive presentation to have
extra ones to serve them on.

Recipes and directions are included.

Price: $10.95 a pair


Color : White or Blue with white markings

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